Heaven’s Oasis Could be Released Next Month (November, 2016)

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Heaven’s Oasis by Jeff W. Horton   

(Coming Soon-2016)

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“As you know, the Sumerians, who once lived in this region, developed into one of the earliest civilizations known to emerge in the world, in Southern Mesopotamia, more than five thousand years ago. They developed one of the world’s oldest writing systems, which in turn influenced writing in the region for the next three thousand years.”

“Cuneiform, yes—I’m well aware of this, Ali, as you know.”

“Yes. Well, an ancient artifact has been discovered, a tablet with ancient markings resembling cuneiform with information that I’m confident will be of great interest to you.”

“You’ve seen this tablet?”

“No, I have not, but Claire has. It was discovered three years ago, along with several others, during some construction work for a new manufacturing plant being built close to a research station near Al Qurna. It’s north of Basrah, but just south of where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet. The tablets were found inside a cave, behind an ancient chamber that had been buried over time, hidden inside of several clay jars, where they lay undisturbed for millennia. Kevin, the tablets were dated to somewhere between 3800 and 4300 BC, which would make them among the oldest tablets from ancient Sumer ever found.”

Kevin’s eyes grew wide for a moment before narrowing. “That’s astonishing, Ali; do you have any idea what’s on them?

“Not much, only that these particular tablets tell a story that was already ancient at the time it was written down.”

Kevin whistled. “Wow; that is quite a find, Ali.”

“Yes, my friend, it is,” Ali agreed.

“Ah. What about Heaven’s Oasis, Ali? Did any of the tablets mention it?”

“The man who found them said Claire asked something to that effect, but he has no idea what it is.”

“Then he’s in good company, since we don’t either.”

“No progress on what the Oasis is yet?”

“None,” answered Kevin. “I’ve been able to find a few scholars who have seen obscure references to the Oasis, but they appear to be quite rare. As to finding someone who knows what this Heaven’s Oasis is or why it’s significant, no one seems to know anything; it’s a complete mystery. It’s as if all information about the Oasis, including its location, is a closely-guarded secret. Why it was so important to Claire I have no clue; perhaps this man—”

“His name’s Omar Jaffari,” Ali offered.

“Thank you. Perhaps Mr. Jaffari will be able to shed some light on that.” Kevin’s eyes suddenly opened wide, as if he’d suddenly had an epiphany. “You said he found those tablets about three years ago?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“That’s curious timing, Ali. That’s right about the time Claire came home saying she was on the verge of some great discovery. Whatever is on those tablets must hold the key to what and where the Oasis is.”

“This is good news, yes?”

“Are you kidding? The best I’ve had in a very long time. Shukraan.”

“You’re welcome, Kevin. I think it’s crazy what you’re trying to do, by the way, but I admire you just the same for it.”

“Thanks. Say, do you think this man would be willing to meet with me? I’d really like to see these tablets for myself; could you arrange it?”

“I can try. At the very least I should be able to take some pictures and get them to you.”

“Great, thanks. At last, everything is finally coming together, Ali. Now, only one problem remains….”

“It’s not in the Bible.”

“That’s right, it’s not in the Bible,” Kevin repeated in a more subdued tone. “Why would Claire be searching for a site that’s not in the Bible while trying to prove the historical accuracy of the Torah and the New Testament? It makes no sense.”

“Maybe the site was called something else back in ancient times. It was at least five thousand years ago after all,” Ali offered.

“Or…,” Kevin began, as an idea began forming in his mind, “maybe it was such an important site that those who still knew of its existence five thousand years ago were trying to keep its location, and its very existence, a secret. But why?”

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