What Kind of Novel Are YOU Looking for?

Science Fiction, Romantic Thriller, Apocalyptic Fiction, and Techno Thrillers from Jeff W. Horton
Christian Fiction and Contemporary Fiction Novels By author Jeff W. Horton
  • Romantic Thrillers featuring lost soulmates, fantastic adventures, and hope for new love.

  • Techno thrillers with cyber warfare, espionage, and nuclear war.

  • Apocalyptic fiction novels with civilizations collapsing and humanity slowly slipping back into the dark ages.

  • Science-Fiction sagas depicting humanity’s venturing out into the cosmos for the first time, seeking other worlds to call home, while confronting alien species along the way of both hostile and gentle persuasions.

    What makes these novels different? They’re all told with a blend of contemporary and Christian Fiction, which take the best of both worlds while never sacrificing the best of either.

    And they’re all written by author Jeff W. Horton

    Find him on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/lqw3nbr

    or on his website  www.hortonlibrary.com.

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