April 8th Interview on Freedom Through Faith Radio Network

Interview on Freedom Through Faith Radio Network 

April 8, 2017

I had a great time Saturday being interviewed by Pastor Robert R. Thibodeau.                We discussed a wide range of topics including how I got started in writing, my writing process,  my most recent work, Heaven’s Oasis, and the next novel I hope will be out sometime later this year, tentatively entitled, Future Schism.

Once I have the links to the interview I’ll be sure to post them on the website, so be sure to keep checking back!

 Many thanks to all of you, my fans, for your continued interest and support in my work!  After all, without someone to read our work, what point is there in writing it?


And  thanks and praise to God the Father and Jesus Christ His Son, for his enduring love and support for us all.

Jeff W. Horton


More information about Pastor Bob’s Ministry…

Freedom Through Faith Ministries  www.FTFM.org
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Freedom Through Faith Radio Network  www.FTFRadioNetwork.com
Evangelism Radio   www.EvangelismRadio.com

Podcast www.SharingtheFire.com


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