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Heaven’s Oasis by Jeff W. Horton

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“Kevin moved quickly to shield his eyes from the blinding white light that assailed him immediately after emerging from the pervasive darkness inside the temple. After giving his eyes some time to adjust, he began glancing around at his new surroundings, and soon came to the realization that he was lying flat on his back, staring up at a crisp, cloudless blue sky. The stone temple and the underground stairwell had somehow vanished all around him, as had Zari. He was now…where was he?

As the fog in his mind gradually lifted, Kevin sat up and took a quick look around at his surroundings, bewildered at the new and unexpected development. Where am I and how did I get here? He shook his head, hoping to clear the cobwebs from his mind. Thinking back, the last thing he could remember was finding what appeared to be an arch carved out of the solid rock wall at the bottom of the stairs. Upon discovering that there was no passageway and that there was only the arch and the stone wall, Kevin had lashed out in anger and tried to kick the area inside the arch, which had turned out to be only a stone wall; or had it? What happened after that was a blur; he could recall nothing more than a feeling similar to an amusement park ride, which ended with him lying flat on his back on the ground.

His attention was attracted by the sound of a bird cawing somewhere to his right. Kevin searched for the source of the sound, eventually settling on a beautiful blue, green, red, and orange parrot that stood perched, watching him, in a Bradford pear tree no more than five or six feet from where he sat. Kevin stared up at the bird for several seconds, and grinned as it stared back at him. It was neither threatening nor did it seem to feel threatened in any way; actually, Kevin got the distinct impression that the bird was simply curious about him.

The Bradford pear tree in which the parrot stood was beautiful, filled with flowers in full bloom. As Kevin began looking around, he discovered that the tree was itself only one of hundreds or thousands of pear, dogwood, and cherry trees that stood watch among countless crops of corn, wheat, lettuce, carrots, and nearly every other vegetable known to man, which stretched unattended in countless rows into the horizon for as far as he could see.

While surveying the beautiful trees and the incredible garden before him, Kevin soon became increasingly aware of a strange, pervasive sense of peace he’d felt ever since finding himself in this place, which both puzzled and intrigued him, the source of which eluded him. He was certain that it didn’t hurt any that the air temperature felt like a very comfortable twenty-one degrees Celsius, the humidity was low, and that a constant slight breeze blew softly, as if just enough to gently caress his skin.

He decided it was time to try to orient himself and to get the lay of the land of…wherever he now found himself. Kevin began by turning around to look for the portal through which he’d just passed. His heart filled with fear, however, when he discovered there was no portal. Behind him he now saw instead only open plains

covered with endless fields of tall grass, which waved gently back and forth in the mild breeze. Scores of beautiful wildflowers of violet, yellow, red, blue, and green painted the landscape as far as he could see. It was, by far, one of the most beautiful and amazing sights he’d ever laid eyes on. Search as he might, however, Kevin could find no sign of the portal, and he wondered how he would ever find his way home. Was this a one-way trip? Will I ever see Zari again?

Turning to his left now, Kevin found a great, massive vineyard, unlike anything he’d ever seen before. Row after row of grape vines were covered in green or burgundy grapes, stretching on seemingly forever into the horizon. The grapes were large, ripe, and juicy in appearance, the most delicious-looking grapes he’d ever seen. Without thinking he walked over to the closet vine, plucked off several grapes, and placed one into his mouth. He bit into the grape and the juice flowed into his mouth and down his throat, a sweet and fulfilling taste that more than exceeded his expectations.

As he popped the next grape into his mouth his eyes moved from the vineyard, following the horizon to the right. He found, standing some distance in front of him, a vast forest of trees; no, not a forest, but rather an immense orchard of trees. Like the garden, the plains, and the vineyard, the orchard stretched on into the distance for as far as the eye could see. The trees in the orchard, unlike the Bradford Pears and the others he’d first noticed upon arriving, stood side by side in endless rows, and though they were still quite some distance away from where he stood, at least several hundred meters or so in front of him, all of them appeared to be fruit trees. The fact that the rows of trees looked slightly different suggested they might bear different types of fruit.

A small path of sorts began a short distance ahead of where he stood, which followed the rolling landscape before him before disappearing into the distant orchard. He was starting to turn away from the orchard when a sudden flash of light near the entrance of the orchard caught his attention. He strained his eyes, trying to discover what had caused the flash, but after watching for some time and seeing nothing more, he decided to wait and investigate further once he was done exploring his immediate surroundings, since whatever he’d seen was some distance away. An unexpected rumble in his belly reminded him that the few grapes he’d picked had failed to satisfy his hunger, and that his curiosity about the strange flash mattered less than the opportunity to taste some of the delicious and filling fruit from one or more of the trees. Prompted by both curiosity and hunger, Kevin postponed exploring his surroundings, deciding instead to begin making his way along the path and toward the distant orchard.”


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