Welcome to the Horton Library!

Welcome to the Horton Library!

Home of a unique blend of Christian and contemporary fiction…


Heaven’s Oasis:

Claire Evans and Kevin Foster are soulmates, destined to be together. Kevin is a history professor and is headed for a rather sedate life. Claire is an archaeologist who frequently travels to the Middle East, where she searches for an ancient artifact she believes will change the world. When Claire dies unexpectedly soon after she and Kevin are married, a grief-stricken Kevin vows to pick up where Claire left off and to finish what she started.

New Beginnings:

While establishing a foothold for humanity on an alien planet Nicole Reynolds and the other colonists find themselves caught in the middle of an interstellar war that dates back 5000 years.


Earth’s first starship named Frontier is built on alien tech. When Hank Reynolds is stranded in the Alpha Centauri system on a test flight, the Earth Space Alliance races to save him in the midst of a terrorist attack.


A cyber-terrorist attack triggers a nuclear meltdown that kills a hundred thousand years. Cyber Command analyst Nick Reynolds must discover who’s really behind the attack if he’s going to prevent a nuclear war.

The Way of Nacor:

Six months after a tornado leaves their father dead and their home destroyed, four children find themselves transported to a distant, alien planet. To return home they must find an ancient relic and pass a series of tests.

The Last Prophet:

What if someone told you that you were one of the last two prophets mentioned in the book of Revelation? John March is troubled when he learns he’s been chosen by God to face the Antichrist, and his own death.

The Dark Age:

500 years in the future, following the collapse of civilization worldwide, humanity once again lives by the sword and the bow & arrow. The Church and the Warrior Clan race to restore civilization before the evil warlord Kraken can enslave the world.

The Great Collapse:

After an EMP attack combines with a massive solar flare to rob humanity of its technology, civilization soon crumbles and people must re-discover how to live without electricity.
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