Link to WMD Article Obama Holdovers Expose United States to Devastating EMP Attack That Could Kill Over 200 Million Americans

Below is an excerpt from an excellent WorldNetDaily.Com article about the underlying reasons for the  shutdown of the EMP Commission in October, and the possibly dire ramifications of its closure.


As it turns out, the shutdown appears to have come about merely because it was in the interest of political payback on the part of liberal Democrats left in positions from the Obama administration.  I found it surprising and greatly disturbing that so many in our government have allowed themselves to become  debased to the point that they no longer have even the  slightest bit of personal integrity and honor remaining;  that they are willing to risk the lives of millions of Americans to satisfy their own petty political interests. I suppose only after we start requiring our elected officials and the people they hire to exhibit greater character and personal integrity, and only after those same officials begin placing the welfare of the American people above their own interests, will our country once again be safe.

As in The Great Collapse the human cost of being unprepared for an EMP attack against our national infrastructure are unthinkable in terms of starvation, dehydration, disease, and violence.

If we continue to allow our political differences to divide to the point we’re willing to risk the lives of millions of Americans just to damage the other side we could, just as in Future Schism, end up one day in a second civil war, and the end of the United States as we know it.

We should pray that such an attack never comes about. Once again, I encourage everyone to write the president and your congressmen, I am.


WASHINGTON – There’s no question that the United States is vulnerable to an electromagnetic pulse attack that could result in mass starvation and the death of about 90 percent of the American population, a nuclear strategist warns.

But the deep state – those entrenched bureaucrats whose loyalties likely lay with a previous administration, under which they got their jobs – is indifferent.

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, a nuclear strategist formerly with the CIA who served as chief of staff of the Congressional EMP Commission until it was terminated in September (the same month North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb, which it described as capable of a super powerful EMP attack), said liberal Democrats still are running a lot of Washington even after President Trump’s election.

“The people who sabotaged the EMP Commission, Obama holdovers, are still at the Department of Defense. They have not been replaced by the Trump administration. This is happening not just with the vitally important EMP Commission,” he said. “Our society, the Trump administration and the people who voted for Trump are paying for the failure of Congress to support Trump appointees quickly.

“At the same time during the Obama administration, he had twice as many appointees appointed to positions in government than Trump has. It’s not President Trump’s fault – these people are undermining and opposing the policies that President Trump has enacted, including the case of the EMP Commission.”

Obama administration bureaucrats, who believed Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election, did everything they could to sabotage and undermine the commission, Pry said.

“They held back money for a whole year. They held back security clearances. They tried to stop the commission’s staff from working, arguing that ‘you need a contract in order to work for the EMP Commission.’ They wouldn’t even let me work, or other staff, pro-bono. We did anyway.

Get the real story about EMP in the groundbreaking “A Nation Forsaken” by F. Michael Maloof, as well as “Lights On” by Jeffrey Yago, from the WND Superstore.

“Had Hillary won, we would never have received any of our funding or security clearances. It was all after she clearly lost and Congress intervened that they relented at the last minute. A commission that was supposed to have been able to work 18 months at EMP ended up with resources and support from the Department of Defense that enabled us to put in six months of work. That’s no way to provide for the national security of the country against an existential threat like EMP.”

WND reported only last month that a congressional subcommittee on homeland security heard the bad news from experts who have been studying America’s vulnerability to an existential threat – a real-life “doomsday scenario.”

The threat of a North Korean nuclear attack on the U.S. is almost unimaginably worse than turning a city like Chicago or Denver into ashes, they testified. If just one of the nuclear weapons North Korea is now known to possess could be directed toward the heartland of the U.S. and detonated in the upper atmosphere, it could fry the electrical grid with an electromagnetic pulse, paralyze communications and transportation nationwide, instantly plunge the country back into a 19th century-style existence and cause 90 percent of Americans to starve to death in one year.

Link to WMD Article Obama Holovers Expose US to Possible EMP Attack

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