Blog Post #1008-Technology Discussion: Modern Computer Systems- Can One Computer System Contain all of the World’s Accumulated Knowledge?

Blog Post #1008

February 14th, 2018

Technology Discussion: Modern Computer Systems- Can One Computer System Contain all of the World’s Accumulated Knowledge?

Jeff W. Horton

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

The following excerpt will reveal an element of the storyline that is relevant to The Dark Age and to a much lesser extent, the Great Collapse. Just wanted to make this disclaimer.


 Following is an excerpt from: The Dark Age: Book Two in the Survivors of the Pulse Series


“If you are reading this, unfortunately, we must have been correct in our prediction, civilization has long ago fallen apart, and the world plunged into perpetual darkness.

         Since you have made it this far, you must have correctly interpreted the clues we left behind, and you have collected all seven pieces of the map. We can only hope that the remnant of The Pulse, which has been clearly visible in the sky, what we call, The Effect, has dissipated by now.

Author Jeff W. Horton


            We regret all of the trouble and danger that you likely went through in order for you to find this place, but we felt we had to take extraordinary measures to ensure that the Oracle did not fall into the wrong hands. Since you have made it this far, we felt that it was only fitting that we provide you with some background about the Oracle, about us, and about what has happened, that you may find useful.

         We learned of the Oracle from one of the greatest computer scientists our civilization ever produced, Dr. Bjorn Yvornsky, who happened to be among our number at the Unity conference. Dr. Yvornsky worked as part of a special project called The Official Research And Collaborative Library of the Earth, or O-R-A-C-L-E.

         The Great Oracle is by far the most advanced supercomputer ever built. The Oracle, built with a revolutionary new crystal technology, has a virtually unlimited capacity for the storage of information. The Oracle also includes the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence, complete with a complex, extremely advanced, interactive voice recognition and holographic interface.  Dr. Yvornsky, and the rest of his team, working with scientists from across the planet, have placed into the Oracle all of the world’s available knowledge, accumulated over seven-thousand years.”


Excerpt from the Dark Age: Book Two in the Survivors of the Pulse Series


In The Dark Age, a highly advanced super-computer, which stored all of the world’s human knowledge accumulated over nearly ten-thousand years, saved the day. But such a thing is pure science-fiction, right? Well, ten or twenty years ago, almost certainly. Even today we have been running out of capacity on our conventional computer storage technologies, pushing the capabilities of these technologies to their very limits. But some cutting-edge scientists may have found a new and very innovative way of storage incredibly huge volumes of data in one of the oldest ways ever conceived, DNA. Read the excerpt below from, see if you were have as amazed as I was at the progress we’ve made as a species.


Here are a couple of brief excerpts from the article:

  • “A few kilograms of DNA could theoretically store all of humanity’s data, but there are practical challenges to overcome.”
  • “DNA can store data at a density that is several orders of magnitude greater than that of state-of-the-art storage media, never mind the average computer hard drive”

Read the entire article by following this link:


So back to my original question;  can one computer system contain all of the world’s accumulated knowledge?

It would appear that the immediate answer to that question would be no, and that no computer system (at least none that I could identify in my research) capable of storing such a vast quantity of data currently exists. But with the promise of cutting-edge technologies, like  that which the use of DNA for data storage offers, it may not be long before such a computer system becomes a reality.

Oh, we may be years, or  even decades away from developing the technology that would enable us to build a complete system capable of containing all of the world’s vast amount of data, but it sounds increasingly likely that it’s coming, and that it  could end up arriving much  sooner than we think.  What a brave, new world we live in.


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