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By Patricia Statham on March 10, 2015

New Beginnings: Cybersp@ce Series Book Three

Format: Kindle Edition

This is a great sci fi book, it start with the Earth finally having the technology to leave and to travel through the galaxy. Let me introduce you to Nicole Reynolds the first woman selected to lead the search crew to find a new wold to start the Earths interstellar colony. As they travel towards to their destination, she has to work through a few challenges that are far greater then she ever thought were possible and when they finally get established and find an extremely rare resource that will put her life and the life of everyone, to establish the colony on the alien planet. The author takes us on a voyage of adventure and self discovery in this book. His characters are well written and you can identify with the lead character , Nicole Reynolds . She is a strong female character that does the right and defends the humans to the interstellar colony. Even her life. She is the kind of character that you love to read about The author takes us on a roller coaster ride. You are put in the front of the rocket ship and blasted out there with the characters. You can feel their pain as you read. You want them to do the right thing and keep the mission going . You will yell at you kindle , yes I admit it I did have a few OMG moments reading it . You are blown away at the writing style and the way the author lets us feel what is going on with all the characters. This book kept me reading well into the night. I love fantasy and sci fi books and this one was one that I really liked . The book is fast paced and action packed. So if you like fantasy books check it out . Won’t be disappointed




Frontiers1 - Copy






Mallory Anne-Marie Forbes Haws “Fair and auth… (Montezuma, GA) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Frontiers (Cybersp@ce Series Book 2) (Kindle Edition)

REVIEW: FRONTIERS by JEFF W. HORTON. (CYBERSP@CE SERIES #2) FRONTIERS is an exciting science fiction adventure about man’s quest to reach the stars, and the reasons behind it: greed for new weapons technology vs. the impetus to acquire advanced knowledge. Henry is literally a “boy genius,” seeded with intellectual and intuitive capacity by one who.intervenes “from elsewhere.” Once into adulthood, he will be the chosen pilot of “Frontier,” the space ship whose design had been gleaned from reverse-engineered alien technology. Hank’ s flight will catalyze a literal new era for humanity.






New CyberspaceCover

 Fantastic book!, 6 April 2013

By jane jones “Jane”

This review is from: Cybersp@ce (Paperback Edition)

I read a lot of sci fi books and I must this is one was a joy to read! I’ve always been interested by the famous military base area 51… so it’s no surprise I was interested in this book. But what really made me LOVE this book was the carefully crafted plot and intriguing characters. I simply couldn’t to let the book down to go to bed!

Thought Provoking!!, March 28, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars
By Steven Beltzer “book junky”
This review is from: Cybersp@ce (Kindle Edition)

This title was an awesome mix of scifi/fantasy with a very cool twist on todays current events. The freaky part was how while reading this book, I saw on TV and read in the newspaper, things so similar to events in this book. I highly recommend this book and think it would work out really good in a reading group as well.


A riveting, intelligent, page turner, December 19, 2012

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Maxine B.

This review is from: Cybersp@ce (Paperback)

Cyberspace combines just the right quantities of several elements to keep the reader enthralled to the very end…and then crying for more! A former Russian spy is determined to bring the Soviet Union back and establish it as THE dominant world power, and he and his comrades use sophisticated computer weaponry to try to achieve that end. In the U.S., a team of experts races to stop the madman, and they find their answer at a surprising location…Area 51.

Jeff Horton has written a masterpiece in Cyberspace…I highly recommend it!

A riveting knuckle biting sci fi adventure, October 22, 2013

By Gazpacho “Beverly” (Clare, MI) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Cybersp@ce (Cybersp@ce Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

Among the many authors I used to read growing up, I remember when I discovered the Big Three writers: Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, and Arthur C. Clarke. They were science fiction writers known for expanding the genre in its early days. What attracted me most about those early writings was the wonder of space exploration, the excitement of discovery, the adventure in expanding what we knew of the universe in that time period, and of course the ability to create plausible possibilities with what we didn’t know. The very definition of creativity. Since then the genre has exploded and branched off, creating numerous sub-genres than could be counted. Some of them spawned some terrific movies and television series. Some created series of books that were fun to read. Many current scientists today can point to those early reads as the catalyst for their careers in science.


Unfortunately some of the luster has rubbed off the science fiction (or sci fi) field. For me, the tarnish is due mostly to the loss of wonder, the lack of awe in new discoveries, the encroachment of horror, cynicism, disillusion, and dystopia. Somewhere along the way, I feel we have lost the fun. When I read Cyberspace by Jeff Horton, I felt some of the wonder and fun return. Yes, there is tension and mystery and a race against time. No good story plot can do without some conflict. Yes, there is an antagonist who thinks nothing of killing others to obtain his goal. But it does not need blood and gore to up the ante. Once the tension builds and the reader begins to suspect an inevitable disaster, the suspense makes it difficult to put the book down.


In addition to the main elements of the story, there’s a smidgen of world politics, a touch of romance, some history, some alien presence, speculation for the future, and a glimpse into a loving family unit. The ingredients may sound a bit old-fashioned to some, but refreshingly works together as a breath of fresh air in comparison to the doom, gloom and crude of modern sci fi. Altogether, I found it a satisfying read and now look forward to reading other books by this author.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary review copy of this book from the author, Jeff Horton. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


Espionage and Extraterrestrials, December 18, 2012

By Jeannie Mancini “vernefan”

This review is from: Cybersp@ce (Paperback)

Out in the desert of New Mexico in 1947, a young boy and his parents, while watching a freak lightning storm, heard a loud crash. Young Henry Summers believes that he has just witnessed what he thinks was an alien spacecraft falling from the sky.

Many years later, working with his daughter at the secret military base Area 51, Henry and Kate Summers together have been working on the astonishing secret of what happened that stormy night long ago. What their years of research has found, will now help the US government as international terrorism threatens the nation with an all-out cyberspace attack that could disempower the United States forever. Nuclear plant meltdowns, and what could just turn out to be the total decline and fall of our political place in the world, now rests in their hands to remedy. But they need help.

A hundred thousand people are instantly killed when a New York nuclear power plant meltdown comes from internet hackers in cyberspace; the culprit appearing to have come from the far reaches of China. But ex-KGB agent Nicolai Chervenko knows better. His secret ambition to bring his Mother Russia back to a communist power that will resume global reign, will have China and the United States warring with each other and falling on their knees in submission and defeat.

Dr. Nick Reynolds, one of the government’s top IT specialists in the world of Cyberspace operations and security, is called in to assist the military in cracking the problem of outwitting the mystery hacker in their chess game of internet espionage. When Nick discovers that the United States’ inability to beat the enemy at their own game is due to current archaic technology, he is quickly discouraged as he realizes our country is doomed. The United States has run out of time, and there is no way to speed up our technological advancement in order to defend the nation from imminent destruction.

As Nick, Kate, and her father battle against time and the lack of computer power to win the game and discover who and what they are up against, our author Jeff Horton throws a Pandora’s box of surprises at them that will come from both sides of the playing field, and from another source they could never have dreamed of. The bad guys are nasty, the good guys heroes. When Area 51 meets the KGB, all hell breaks loose with a cat and mouse chase through internet backdoors and where the world of science and the unknown collide.

Cybersp@ce is a riveting “what if” conundrum of a fascinating and well crafted sci-fi/espionage blend that stirs up ingredients of international intrigue, artificial intelligence, action, suspense, and to put the icing on this novel’s cake, a nice dollop of romance to make the reader smile. I started this book late one evening and finished it off the next day within a couple of hours. Unputdownable, Cybersp@ace is fun, exciting and another creative masterpiece from Jeff Horton. I read and reviewed his first book “The Great Collapse” and thought it was great, but I think this novel is even better! Jeff knows how to bring it all together. Great character development for both good guys and bad, excellent plot and story planning, his stories are well penned, and he has the gift of allowing the reader many surprises. You just never know what is coming at you next, and with Cybersp@ce, you’ll get a cool surprise ending that this reader did not see coming! Five stars Jeff, keep the stories coming!



This review is from: Cybersp@ce (Paperback)

“A devastating cyber attack leaves 100,000 people in the United States dead, and evidence points to the Chinese, setting the world on the inevitable march towards nuclear war. Nick Reynolds with US Cyber Command soon learns that former KGB agent Nikolai Chervanko, who has long dreamt of rebuilding his beloved Soviet Union, could be behind the massacre, with something even bigger planned. Lacking evidence linking Chervanko, however, outrage over the attack soon forces the United States to declare war on China. With no means to stop another destructive cyber attack and prevent a nuclear conflict, Nick finds help from an unlikely source from Area 51. Will Nick be able to avert a global holocaust? Find out in Cyber Space”

When I read a new techno-thriller by Jeff Horton..I know I am in for a most superb reading experience. I am happy to say that Cybersp@ce continues to showcase the immense skills of a truly wonderful writer. Plot, character and pace are all pitch perfect, as the reader is swept up into the fast and absorbing action of Cybersp@ce.

Key to the success of any action novel is the lead character. Jeff Horton is an expert at fine tuning his lead- Nick Reynolds – into a fully realized character..flaws and all. The same is true with the large cast of supporting characters..there is not a false note to be found.

The plot involving cyber-terror and world politics is both complex and fascinating .not to mention very timely. I was utterly drawn in from the first chapter to the very satisfying climax. Jeff Horton has once again shown that he is a master storyteller! Highly Recommended!!!

Way of Nacor -Final


Review of The Way of Nacor Posted on Michigan Avenue Book Reviews

Jessie Seekers refuses to speak as a result of a traumatic experience. Watching her father’s image fade from view as he closes the closet door that housed his family and prevented them from harm would be the last thing she remembers about him for the rest of her life. Jessie and her family would never be the same as a result of a tornado inflicting its wrath and destruction on so many. Author Jeff Horton hits the mark with his astute and authentic beginning of his outstanding novel that brings to light an important issue from the onset. Children can often withdraw from others and face the world living sheltered in a world of their own that they create where everything is perfect and the way it should be after living through something that causes them fear, distrust and danger. Added in we meet Rachel who takes over the place of her mother who is now has to work in order to provide for her family. Michael and

Eli the two brothers who round out the family and are dealing with the tragedy each in their own way. Living with their grandfather when their mother is at work the children learn to become somewhat independent, have a nurturing grandfather who cares and listens to them taking pride in each one of their accomplishments. But, then something odd happens that changes everything. As Jessie is sitting with her grandfather at the start of the novel we learn about her fascination with the chickadees on his farm. The reader realizes that for some reason she cannot seem to take her eyes off of them and no one in the family sees what will happen next. When the grandfather goes off to do some errands the children remain under the care of Rachel who is older and then get caught in the web of a light or glimmer that draws Jessie towards it for some reason. As the glimmer becomes stronger and the pull becomes even more intense Jessie goes off in its direction followed by her family and then the real adventure begins. Drawn into this portal and crossing over they find themselves in a dark and cold place. While trying to figure out their new environment they realize that the atmosphere and the sky, although filled with stars is not quite the same as that on earth. The constellations are gone and in their place Rachel sees vague shapes and vegetation that looked like grasses and small bushes bluish in color. Added in just as they were going to explore the area and find shelter they meet one of the aliens who identifies himself as a rephaim. As they talk he relates to them where they are and although he appears huge he’s not threatening at least not at first. With the author’s creative stroke he injects in the plot the ability of people of from two different worlds to be able to communicate even though they speak different languages. Imagine a force or power enabling your words to be translated and understood by another person of a different nationality or origin. Think about the summit conferences and the need for no translators or misunderstandings if we had this great power.

As Michael introduces his siblings to this man they teach more about his people and the fact his council never mentioned the planet Earth to the Alliance. Imagine wondering if the Earth was ever part of this world or their Alliance. As they speak the alien whose name is Varuth Terakon, questions them about the scientific capabilities of those on earth and how they learned to travel from between the stars? The Earth does not have interstellar flight capabilities and according to this man it is dangerous. But, he reveals even more about his planet called Zantura, the fate of his people and the plagues that obliterated many of those living there. Sarin, unleashed these plagues on his people and therefore many died. But, although in a foreign place they are treated with kindness and hospitality which shows that people of different races can get along and there are children in this world that are not only smart but polite too. As Varuth shares with the children how his home planet was destroyed the reasons why Sarin felt the need to unleash these plagues and as in all worlds or countries unwarranted takeovers can lead to death and destruction. As Sarin spread his evil word to the people that followed Nacor, you learn more about the weaknesses that some have when tempted with power and lies as he told the people of Zantura that Nacor’s existence was a myth and that he should rule in Eden. But, he was banished but that did not stop him from unleashing the plagues that swept the planet. Added in is the fact that Nacor might be the only one that can help them find the portal to return home. But, will he and when?

Imagine something called a nourishment processor that can create any combination of food or beverage you want. Okay: You have to admit that would be great! As Varuth explains that there is an ancient relic that if found might be able to transport them home. The relic has the power within it to allow someone to pass through a gateway to the destination the person desires. Next, we learn about a professor that might have some answers for the children. In order to find their way home they need to find the ancient relic and only Nacor can provide it but first they have to go through the seven trials, which are tests, and the danger can be great. These trials if passed are designed as the author states to endure that the “character of the one seeking the Relic of Nacor is worth of find it.” These trials are different he states for each person and as I said can be dangerous. What happens if you fail? Let’s hope they don’t.

As they started their journey down the road to find the Way of Nacor the children asked many questions of the elderly professor. Learning more about the history of what caused the plagues and the downfall of this planet they became more aware of why this could prove dangerous and how people could become corrupted by others. Technology and believing more in themselves then in Nacor caused many to sway but what no one realized is that the eyes of evil were upon them and would report back to Sarin of their journey on the road. Just what obstacles and dangers would they face?

While stopping at the town of Glamor something unusual happens. The people greet Rachel and thought to be their new queen but was this an attempt to separate her from her family and the professor? While she is given the Royal Treatment her family and the professor are thrown into a dungeon awaiting their fate as sealed by Sarin. But all of the children but none more than Michael learn many lessons when he convinces the professor to veer off the road or way of Nacor to explore the riches of a town. What happens will teach him the true meaning of greed, friendship and loyalty and a lesson he will never forget as he risks his life for what he thinks are all the right reasons. As Michael meets Rubicon their first link to Nacor. “ Eli was tested when fighting with a friend, Rachel tempted to be Queen and deciding to take the throne or save her family, Michael’s was one dealing with greed, another was test dealt with gluttony and still Varuth’s would be the hardest as the man who took the lives of his family now faced him. Does he kill him or is this trial on the Way to Nacor? Taking the slave trader Plator with them was that the right move? Will Sarin win?

The path to finding the portal has been blocked so many times and still they move on as a team. Next we learn something about the fate of Varuth’s family and Sarin’s true motives as the author takes the reader inside his palace. But, the trials are far from over and the danger still very real as the final test is bestowed on Plator. Facing the enemy brings to light just who can be trusted and who cannot not. Four children and three rephaim face the wrath of one Sarin who is evil to the core. What happens and will they ever find that portal to return home? What happens when they enter the Cave of Sorrows and memories flood back? What happens will surprise the reader as author Jeff Horton takes us inside the minds of four children who face more than just a series of tests in order to survive.

Just how they manage to outsmart Sarin you have to read for yourself. What happens when the relic is destroyed? What happens when they face Nacor? Will he save them and will they free all of the slaves before it’s too late? Will Nacor’s words make Jessie speak and let go of the bitterness she feels? An ending that will definitely endear you to the people of Zantura, Nacor, Varuth and one great professor. But, what happens at the end will definitely give you much pause for thought. Will they return home or will they remain in Zantura? What happens if they never find that portal? Read The Way to Nacor and take the journey along with Rachel, Michael, Jessie and Eli as these four amazing kids learn many important lessons in life that will definitely make them stronger, braver and just maybe wiser. This is a great book for children of all ages and I think teens too. Adults you just might learn some important lessons in what is really important in life. What is next in store for them only the author Jeff Horton has the answer to that question?

Let’s give this book: FIVE POSITIVE TRIALS
Fran Lewis: reviewer







Reviewed by Lynn F. for Readers Favorite

“This book reminded me a bit of the Left Behind Series. I was quickly caught up in the tale… The plot is well developed and interesting. The characters are believable. I very much enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to others.”  


Midwest Book Review

  “…”The Last Prophet” tells the story of John March as he discovers his duty as one of the prophets of the book of Revelation, to stand against the Anti-Christ…he must stand for faith in a time where people will have none. “The Last Prophet” is a riveting religious thriller, highly recommended.” 





The Dark Age Cover


“As the world falls to pieces, evil will flourish and only the bold will dare stand in its way. “The Dark Age: Survivors of the Pulse” is set on a post apocalyptic Earth… “The Dark Age” is a riveting blend of science fiction and fantasy, recommended reading.”  Midwest Book Review

“In the five-hundred years since the Pulse caused the Great Collapse ending the Golden Age, civilization has digressed to the point of basic existence. The survivors have been told of an ancient prophecy about an artifact, said to be powerful enough to dramatically change the world. They have waited ever since for a long-anticipated sign from God. Finally, the sign appears in the night sky. Has the time come for Ferrell Young, the Warrior Clan, and the Church to risk everything in an effort to restore civilization? Yes, if they are to bring hope to a world full of despair.

 I am a fan of good post-apocalypse novels. This book is no exception. The author has shown great skill in weaving a story of “what if.” What if everything changed in the blink of an eye? I did find A Dark Age to be a somewhat complicated novel but consisting of basic good versus evil. The author takes the concept and inserts enough detail to quickly define the environment, atmosphere, and characters. This enables the reader to promptly label the players. The main characters are likable, particularly the protagonist Ferrell, Alex and his daughter Hannah, and Brother Sebastian. Then there is the evil antagonist, Kraken, with whom the reader will quickly grow to hate. The plot, while based on a well-used concept, is well thought out and constructed in a manner to keep the reader’s attention and interest. I did find the ending to be a touch simplistic but still satisfactory. Overall, it’s very well done. ” Reviewed by Paul J. for Readers Favorite

 Anyone interested in a post-apocalypse novel will certainly like this book. This book caught my attention from the beginning and kept it until the end. I am usually pretty good about predicting the end of a book but this one had me way off. I added the prologue so the reader (s) could get a better idea of the book. I wish to thank the author, Jeff W. Horton, for the complimentary e-book copy of this e-book to read and review. I will give this book a 5 star. There is violence, no bad language or sex. The opinions are my own.
Leona Olson

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