Films Adapted from the Novels of

Jeff W. Horton


Mécanisme_griffe_cinéma (4)

Image by Bernard de Go Mars




Title: Cyberspace


Over 100,000 Americans are dead following a cyber-attack against a nuclear power plant in New York state, leaving Cyber Command’s Nick Reynolds desperate enough to rely on a computer salvaged from a crashed alien ship, and with precious little time to find and stop the attacker before nuclear war devastates the planet.

Genre: Science-Fiction/Techno-Thriller

Two movies to compare their project to tonally (“The Meet”):

  • The Sum of All Fears
  • The Matrix

Setting: Set in the present or very near future. Most of the action takes place:

  • At the S-4 underground military installation near Groom Lake, Nevada
  • At Cyber Command HQ in Ft. Meade, MD
  • With a few brief scenes in Russia (mostly indoors)
  • A few scenes inside a simple, fictional, virtual-reality world (Should be relatively inexpensive to create with CGI)
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